The Economist 2012.02.02
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Articles in this issue:
Politics this week
Business this week
KAL's cartoon
Facebook: A fistful of dollars
The future of Fleet Street: Fit to print
France’s presidential election: Hey, big spender
China’s economy: Time for a property tax
America’s retreat from Afghanistan: The spectre of comparisons
Letters: On climate change, Alberta's energy fields, Japan, "tabling", Romania, India, airlines, online piracy, shopping, fitness
Floating Facebook: The value of friendship
The Republican nomination: The big bellwether swings for Romney
Fund-raising: The money primary
The economy: A hair of the dog
Unionisation: Another one takes the plunge
Chinese college students: Making ting tong cool
Gang violence: Turf wars
Lexington: The classes drift apart
Canada’s housing market: Look out below
Baseball in Latin America: Draft dodgers no more
America in Afghanistan: Outta here
Papua New Guinea: Desperate fling
Politics in Malaysia: Najib at bay
Myanmar and Singapore: Among friends
Politics in India: UP, down, sideways
Banyan: The devil in the deep blue detail
Taxing China: Pay and play
Tibetans and the Chinese state: No power to pacify
Hong Kong and the mainland: Dogs and locusts
Arab spring economies: Unfinished business
Senegal’s election: Two terms and maybe you’re out
Health care in Sierra Leone: It’s up to you
Race in South Africa: Still an issue
Social media: #AfricaTweets
French politics: And they’re off
Germany’s intelligence services: Protection racket
Germany and eastern Europe: Love in a cold climate
Spain’s regions: The centre tries to hold
Portugal’s problems: The next special case?
Pollution in the Netherlands: Dirty dikes
Charlemagne: Angela the lawgiver
Press regulation: Guarding the guardians
Bashing finance: Royal Bank of Salem
Locating airports: Hub caps
Universities: Pile them high
The farming boom: Muck and brass
The coalition and Europe: The veto that wasn’t
Policing reform: Body count
Bagehot: Lessons from a great school
Islam and homosexuality: Straight but narrow
Political violence and trauma: Beaten but unbowed
Neglected tropical diseases: Hot tropic
Carlos Slim: Let Mexico’s moguls battle
Fighter jets: Bomb bays to Delhi
Big boats: Offshore finance
Health care in America: Shopping around for surgery
Accounting in China: Seeing the forest for the trees
Bakers and chaebol in South Korea: Let them eat cake
Schumpeter: The coming retail boom
The Reserve Bank of India: Pulling every lever
Malaysia’s central bank: Serene but surprising
China and rare earths: Of metals and market forces
Japanese banks: Quietly does it
Buttonwood: The war on finance
Weather derivatives: Come rain or shine
Investment banking: Bonfire of the bankers
Free exchange: The silent bazooka
Free exchange: Correction: BBVA
The nature of humanity: What’s a man?
Synaesthesia: Smells like Beethoven
Scientific publishing: The price of information
Biomimetics: Not a scratch
Contemporary art: Cosmic queen
The future of universities: Troubled halls
The making of Rin Tin Tin: Dog dreams
Tax reform in America: A simple bare necessity
Gay writing in America: Stories of consenting adults
New fiction from India: Lotus-eaters
Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema
Output, prices and jobs
Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates
The Economist commodity-price index
The Economist poll of forecasters, February averages
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