The Economist 2012.03.17
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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon The world economy: Can it be...the recovery? Britain’s budget: Unlocking companies’ cash Chinese politics: The sacking of Bo Xilai Afghanistan’s fading hopes: All the wrong messages Equity investing: Too much risk, not enough reward Letters: On foreign policy, work experience, Russia, solar power, Longyearbyen, regulation in America, finance, the Republicans, squirrels The American economy: Unmired at last Rolling back the nanny state: Live free and pay more tax The Republican race: The triumph of the carpetbagger The Southern Baptists: Luter’s turn California and taxes: All fall down Earth art: LA’s new rock star Voter identification: No go again Reclaiming Montana: Born to be wild Lexington: The president and the pump Drug policy in Latin America: Burn-out and battle fatigue Sport in Venezuela: Pitching in Colombia’s oil industry: Gushers and guns Education in Brazil: Studying the world Afghanistan: The lowered bar still looks high Asia and its floods: Save our cities A Singapore cemetery: Brown study Japan’s nostalgia for leadership: The 21st-century samurai China and Nepal: Calling the shots Banyan: Pakistan’s saviour? Power games: Bo Bo Black Sheep The power of microblogs: Zombie followers and fake re-tweets Morocco’s reforms: Power to some other people Whispered dissent in UAE: No sheikh-up here Food and the Arab spring: Let them eat baklava Lebanon’s Syria worries: Balance of fear Strife in the Sahel: A perfect desert storm Germany’s coalition: Rising above bedlam Slovakia’s general election: Fico enters the jungle France’s election: You can’t keep him down Greek politics: Steady as she goes, surprisingly Repression in Turkey: Enemies of the state Bulgaria and Romania: A lighter shade of grey Charlemagne: Elected, but how democratic? Corporate saving and the budget: Stashing the cash Finance in the creative sector: Money for fun Media retailing: A losing Game Station retailing: A bite at the end of the tunnel The outsourcing boom: Going private Culture and regeneration: Art the conqueror Retirement patterns: God’s new waiting rooms Bagehot: Ever closer, yet further apart Private schools for the poor: Rich pickings Cross-border inheritance law: Vest in peace The ICC’s first verdict: Bench-mark Surf economics: Beach rush Online newspapers: News of the world Cola wars, continued: Good for you, not for shareholders Miners in Zimbabwe: Zimplats happens Online video in China: Watch this space Gambling in Spain: Place your bets on Euro Vegas Foreign investment in Italy: Luxury on the cheap Independent film-making: Nazis in space Schumpeter: The view from Liverpool Equity markets: Shares and shibboleths Walter Schloss: Death of a non-salesman Greece’s default: The wait is over Credit-rating agencies: Letters from India US banks: Destressing news Buttonwood: Emerging appetites China’s economy: Fears of a hard landing Free exchange: Body of evidence Combating climate change: Net benefits Rare earths and climate change: In a hole? Matter and antimatter: Flavoursome research Neutrino communications: ET, phone home The Eisenhower presidency: O lucky man! The roots of creativity: Throwing muses Understanding language: Talk, talk Terminal care: Go gentle into that good night New fiction: The City dark “Death of a Salesman”: We are all salesmen now Sailen Manna Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Rare earths Markets
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