The Economist 2012.11.04
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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Our American endorsement: Which one? Corporate governance in Japan: Olympian depths Bangladesh: Out of the basket Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar: No place like home Letters: On immigration, Syria, textbooks, Ayn Rand, Spain, voting Bangladesh and development: The path through the fields Hurricane Sandy: Wild is the wind The swing states: a round-up: The road to 270 The House of Representatives: The no-wave election The ground war: Knock, knock The cyber war: Deus ex machina Voices from the campaign: Heard on the trail Ballot measures: Land of the freer? Lexington: The price of hubris Reform in Mexico: Labour pains Intellectual property in Brazil: Owning ideas Cuba: Winds of change Myanmar’s parliament: Power grab Damming the Mekong river: River elegy Australia in Asia: What’s Strine for “Asian century”? Terrorism in Indonesia: Going underground Politics in India: Shuffled, not stirred Forced labour in India: Toil and trouble Banyan: Unforgiving history China’s ruling families: Riches exposed University exams: Fighting for privilege The Swahili coast: Contagion of discontent Elephants: Brought to tusk Rwandan justice: Fairness on trial Iraq’s oil: The Kurdish opening Israeli media: Wapping in the Holy Land Syria’s civil war: Nowhere to run Russia’s president: Vladimir the victor Lithuania: Leftward lurch Turkey’s Syriacs: An outpost of Aramaic speakers Greek taxation: A national sport no more Dutch politics: Same old Dutch French competitiveness: Shock treatment Charlemagne: Bribesville II The Heseltine report: Tarzanomics in the age of Dave The James Bond question: Shaken, stirred and confused Scottish independence: Breaking up is hard to do High street retail: Tricks and treats The Co-op: Victorian secret Coastal towns: Beached and hard to reach Metropolitan Police: Sale by the Yard Bagehot: A damn good whipping Unmanned aerial vehicles: Death from afar Digital copyright: Pick a book Pain and pills: Grim and bear it State capitalism: Big Brother is back Corporate governance in Japan: Back to the drawing board The movie business: Wishing upon a Death Star Fonterra: Land of milk and money Penguin and Random House: Waddling forward Anglo American’s future: Out of the minefield Lessons from TED: Corporate TEDucation Schumpeter: Corporate burlesque Corporate savings: Dead money Hong Kong property: Taxing times Investment banking: Game over Buttonwood: Marshmallows and markets Zippy economies: Sonic booms Sovereign debt: Hold-outs upheld Deforestation in Sarawak: Log tale Free exchange: Land of the corporate giants Tsunamis in Lake Geneva: Lake monsters 3D printing: A third-world dimension Treating disease with microbes: Bugs in the system Fish farming: High-tech breeders Epigenetics and health: Grandma’s curse Iran: In with the madding crowd The joy of diaries: From the heart Richard Burton’s diaries: A man for all seasons New American fiction: Miami blood Ann Richards: A Democrat original Economic history: A dance to the music of debt New theatre: Casting for glory Sylvia Kristel Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index I The Economist commodity-price index II Markets
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