The Economist 2013.02.23
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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Syria: The death of a country China’s cyber-hacking: Getting Ugly Illegal drugs: The great experiment Europe’s financial-transactions tax: Bin it Asteroid defence: The real star war Letters: On social mobility, Singapore, law schools, waterways, television, North Korea Syria’s civil war: The country formerly known as Syria Defence cuts: The enemy within Arms control: The search for a nuclear legacy Detroit: Skid row The Texas budget: Too much of a good thing Agriculture: Fields of gold Scandal in the Catholic church: A little local difficulty Lexington: Unreality television Venezuela: The homecoming Jamaica: Lenten diet Politics in Brazil: Early kick-off Canada’s Inuit: Polar-bear politics India’s public finances: A walk on the wild side The Maldives and India: Second thoughts Malaysia invaded: The sultan’s Sabah swing Indonesia’s economy: Tipping the balance Japan’s prisons: Eastern porridge Banyan: The north wind and the scorpion Cybercrime: Smoking gun Corporate espionage: Who needs cyber-spying? Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe’s last throw? Gays in Uganda: Keep them off the stage Nigeria: The kidnap fear South Africa: Join my Agang Jordan’s election: Calming down Libya: The party and the hangover Cyprus’s election: An apple of discord ahead Turkey and the European Union: A tiny thaw? France’s troubled suburbs: Forgotten in the banlieues Italy’s election: When cynics rule Bulgarian politics: Power protests Serbia’s government: Trouble ahead Charlemagne: Johnnie won’t walk out Jobs in jail: Remunerative justice A by-election in Northern Ireland: Better at the ballot The public finances: Off target The 4G spectrum auction: Second time around The horse-meat scandal: And the winner is Opposition leaders: The moment of truth Renewable energy in Scotland: Caution to the wind Bagehot: The weirdness of Eastleigh Winding down the war on drugs: Towards a ceasefire Winding down the war on drugs: Internship Harm reduction: Shoots up and leaves Hollywood: Split screens Health care in Japan: Regenerative medicine Packaged food: Now, 56 varieties Global business barometer: A bit brighter Protecting privacy online: The price of reputation Video games: All to play for Schumpeter: A guide in Africa Central banks: Brave new words Buttonwood: Come together Italian banks: Mid-crisis life Bankers’ pay: Cap and flayed Insurance and telematics: How’s my driving? China’s economy: Served in China Social-impact bonds: Commerce and conscience Free exchange: Air trade Free exchange: Corrections: Compound interest, offshore finance The American Association for the Advancement of Science: mapping the brain: Only connect Social science: Dr Seldon, I presume Plant viruses: Enemies no longer Fossil cetaceans: A whale of a story Dealing with asteroid strikes: A close shave Calvin Coolidge and the Great Depression: When less led to more Anthropology and the Amazon: Other worlds, other values Eastern Europe after 1989: The view beyond the wall Pop art: The alchemist New American fiction: Love on the lam Africans in the Renaissance: Hue were they? Zhuang Zedong Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Long-term unemployment Markets
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