The Economist 2013.01.21
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Global news and current affairs from a European perspective. Best downloaded on Friday mornings (GMT) Articles in this issue: Politics this week Business this week KAL's cartoon Britain and Europe: The gambler International terrorism: Afrighanistan? German politics: Merkel wounded The world economy: Semi-rational exuberance Technological extinction: Only the digital dies Letters: On guns in America, Smithfield meat market, banks, French, Mali, innovation Jihad in Africa: The danger in the desert The intervention in Mali: Sand on their boots The re-inauguration of Barack Obama: Gloves off Presidents and the economy: Second-term blues The economy: Looking better Abortion law: Roe turns 40 State pension systems: Squeezed Politics in New Orleans: The Nagin chronicles Criminal justice and the courts: Thumb on the scale Atlantic City: Changing the game Lexington: Coalition v tribe Guatemala: Edging back from the brink Impunity in Venezuela: The price of justice Security in Colombia: Fear of missing out Cuban politics: All talk Gaming in the Bahamas: A bettor option Indian politics: Show your hand War crimes in Bangladesh: Justice delayed Jakarta’s governor: No Jokowi Vietnam: Is Thanh the man? Fighting in Myanmar: No let-up Banyan: On the edge China’s population: Peak toil Child trafficking: A cruel trade Inequality: Gini out of the bottle Israel’s election: The hawks’ wings are clipped Israel’s Arab-led parties: Not much of a mark Saudi Arabia’s morality police: Who’s a dinosaur? Kenya’s lions: Sad for Simba Wine-making in South Africa: Wrong vintage Germany’s election year: The vincible chancellor Europe and Britain: The Cameron is coming The Dutch and David Cameron: Not wanted here Cyprus and the euro: Aphrodite’s indebted island Organised crime in Russia: Fathers and sons Turkish society: Of sex and Islam Charlemagne: Europe’s odd couple Britain and the European Union: The hand of history Productivity: The job-rich depression Private universities: A degree of frustration Hotels: Chinese check-ins Old churches: Fit for new purposes Bagehot: Hero for a day Islam and science: The road to renewal Carbon paper: Fade to black The politics of e-waste: A cadmium lining Information technology: Has Apple peaked? Wearable computing: Watch this space Health insurance in America: The insured and the unsure The business of campaigning: Profit with Purpose The decline of spam: Read this and win million$!!! Mining giants switch bosses: New heads for a new cycle Foreign companies in India: The rewards of royalty Outdoor advertising: Sexy signage Schumpeter: Davos Man and his defects Monetary policy in Japan: Win some, lose some Buttonwood: Home on the range Exchange-traded funds: Twenty years young Financing medical research: Disease or cure? The economics of sports insurance: Claim game The Fed’s profits: The other side of QE European demography: Working-age shift Free exchange: Vive la différence The Richard Casement internship Storing information in DNA: Test-tube data How dung beetles navigate: Stars in their eyes Channelling heat: Good conduct Sociable spiders: Come into my parlour The first Anglo-Afghan war: Lessons unlearned A biography of King Faisal: Unexpectedly modern The real Jane Austen: As vital as her stories New Japanese fiction: Slightly off The portraits of Edouard Manet: Bold and strange The photographs of Roman Vishniac: Through a lens, darkly Fred Turner Output, prices and jobs Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates The Economist commodity-price index Football wealth Markets
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