The Economist 2013.07.26
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Articles in this issue:
Politics this week
Business this week
KAL's cartoon
Emerging economies: The Great Deceleration
America’s public finances: The Unsteady States of America
Zimbabwe’s election: Don’t let the crocodile cheat again
Japan’s election: Licence to grow
Demography and monarchy: Very long till you reign over us
Letters: On Trayvon Martin, the Arab spring, Britain, teaching, forestry, Google, retail, the moon
Emerging economies: When giants slow down
Detroit’s bankruptcy: Can Motown be mended?
The other Detroit: Buy to the sound of gunfire
Retirement benefits: Who pays the bill?
Zoning laws: Biking and hiking, but no parking
Obama and the middle class: Better off with Barack?
Digital dating: Young, single and nearby
Lexington: What if Mitt Romney had won?
Lexington: Internship
Obesity in Latin America: Battle of the bulge
Argentina and YPF: Flogging a Dead Cow
Politics in Colombia: Peace and brotherly love
Japan’s upper-house election: Redemption
Australia’s boat people: The PNG solution
Buddhism v Islam in Asia: Fears of a new religious strife
Hydropower in Tajikistan: Folie de grandeur
The search for civic virtues: The unkindness of strangers
The rule of law: Bizarrely consistent
The rule of law: Architectural bombast
Zimbabwe’s vote: Poll dancing
Yemen’s interior: A reluctant refuge for al-Qaeda
South Sudan’s government: Going for the nuclear option
Egypt’s crisis: The generals strengthen their hand
Iraqi violence: The nightmare returns
Syria’s war: The new normal
The peace process: Tailwind for doves
Poland’s government: The seven-year itch
Riots in France: Trouble in Trappes
Russian politics: The Navalny power game
Religion in Turkey: Erasing the Christian past
Charlemagne: Sire, there are no Belgians
Eating habits: The British at table
Newspapers: A decent proposal
Newspapers: Pride and prejudice
Britain’s recovery: Hold your breath
Falling fires: No hot ashes
Blocking porn: Default Cameron
Homelessness in London: The spike
The port of Liverpool: Lock and quay
Britain and the EU: Channel vision
Bagehot: A passage to Mayfair
GPS jamming: Out of sight
Female genital mutilation: Still bleeding
The revival of Latin: Resurrexit vere
Tech firms and their founders: Monarchs versus managers
TSMC: A fab success
Australia’s gas explorers (I): The next Qatar?
Australia’s gas explorers (II): Beach in the outback
Italian fashion: French invasion
Company taxes: Minimise this
The college-athletics business: Basket cases
Schumpeter: Thinking twice about price
Schumpeter: Correction: Spanish energy
Commerzbank: Das slog
Buttonwood: Holiday hassles
Interest rates in China: A small step forward
Globally systemic insurers: Premium members
Interchange fees: Card sharps
The Karachi Stock Exchange: Inefficient frontier
Free exchange: Penury portrait
Mass extinctions: Small but deadly
What is truth?: A la recherche du temps inconnu
What is truth?: Mostly harmless
Robot plants: Putting down roots
Sleep and the phases of the Moon: Lunacy?
Franz Kafka: Nervous brilliance
The Korean war: The best doggone army
John Kennedy’s final days: When America wept
New American fiction: Those sad young literary men
The life of Jesus: No angel
New British fiction: Hard-boiled
New British fiction: Correction
Lo Hsing Han
Output, prices and jobs
Trade, exchange rates, budget balances and interest rates
The Economist commodity-price index
Wireless broadband
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