The Shadows
作者:W.J. Lundy  
简介: 展开 
The Second book of The Invasion Trilogy from the Best Selling Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Find book 1 of the series here:
Jacob is a soldier in a war against a new type of enemy. Trained in the basics of ground combat and tossed a weapon, he is now on the front lines of the global conflict.
He must face the Delta Horde or risk his familys eviction to the refugee camps. Inexperienced, Jacob discovers he has something far more valuable than weapons and armor, his fellow soldiers at his side. As a team, they struggle to survive battles and an enemy that would ruin a man standing against them alone.
Only together can they find a way to end the reign of The Darkness. This is a novel of horror, courage, and resiliency in the face of an unspeakable enemy.
Praise for TheInvasion Trilogy
"The Darkness is like an air raid siren that won't shut off; thrilling anddownright horrifying!" Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Best Selling Author of Orbs and TheExtinction Cycle.
"Absolutely amazing. This story hooked me from the first page and didn'tlet up. I read the story in one sitting and now I am desperate for more. ...Mr.Lundy has definitely broken new ground with this tale of humanity, sacrificeand love of family ... In short, read this book." William Allen,Author of Walking in the Rain.
"First book I've pre-ordered before it was published. Well done story ofsurvival with a relentless pace, great action, and characters I cared about!Some scenes are still in my head!" Stephen A. North, Author of Dead Tide and TheDrifter.