Another Good Killing
作者:Stephen Puleston  
简介: 展开 
A body is found in an Aston Martin... A rich family with something to hide?... Another case for Detective John Marco The body of a well-connected wealthy banker is found in his luxury car in the middle of Cardiff with a message from the killer telling the world the man deserves to die. Was it a disgruntled former customer or business enemy? Once a video is posted on the internet from an anarchist group John Marco has his first possible suspect. But another business executive, connected to the banker, is killed and another message left with the body. Marco has to find what links all the deaths together? All the evidence points to an anarchist group. But is John Marco right to have his doubts? And in the middle of the investigation Marco’s son is rushed into hospital challenging everything that Marco knows about himself. And when Marco’s team is threatened he has a race against time to find the perpetrator.