Prepper Jack: Hunting Lee Child's Jack Reacher
作者:Diane Capri  
简介: 展开 
FBI Special Agent Kim Otto receives a kidnapper’s cryptic message in the middle of the night. The Hunt for Jack Reacher turns personal when the victims have a tenuous connection to Reacher... ...and a stronger connection to her. Innocent preppers are caught in the fallout as ruthless cartels battling for American drug dollars seek to devastate the community and destroy the people who live there. After Otto is attacked and nearly killed, she accepts that she needs a partner she can rely on to finish the mission. But viable candidates are thin on the ground. The best man for the job is Jack Reacher, and he owes her. Problem is, Reacher is always in the wind. She can’t afford to wait. Kim Otto is forced to execute a daring rescue mission to bring down the cartel’s leader and save the preppers at Glen Haven commune. Will she die trying? And what about Reacher?
专辑“The Hunt For Jack Reacher Series Book 12”